Top 10 best Vietnam tours you must definitely visit 


Top 10 best Vietnam tours you must definitely visit

This article will take you on unique travels, introducing you to places that are not only naturally attractive, but also allow you to immerse yourself in Vietnam’s distinct culture. Join us to discover the journey of  “10 Best Vietnam Tours You Must Definitely Visit.”

What is a travel tour?

Tourists on tours are frequently guided by travel experts allowing them to enjoy the trip without having to worry about organization or scheduling. Tours can involve visits to popular tourist attractions, enjoying local food, engaging in leisure activities, and even exploring natural landscapes. In this article, we will introduce you the 10 Best Vietnam Tours!

Top 10 best Vietnam tours you must definitely visit

The following 10 Best Vietnam Tours are not only an opportunity to discover new destinations, but also an adventure to experience Vietnam’s cultural richness and natural beauty.

The Hanoi tour 

The Hanoi tour is more than just a trip to scenic sites; it is also a journey through time, from crowded streets to tranquil areas with the most magnificent views of the country near West Lake. You will be captivated by the historic splendor of the Literature Temple, as well as the lively old quarter and the unique flavors of Hanoi cuisine. 

Top 10 Best Vietnam Tours – Tourism is drawn to the country of thousands of years of civilization

The Hai Phong tour 

The Hai Phong Tour allows you to fully immerse yourself in the amazing beauty of Lan Ha Bay – the pearl island paradise of Hai Phong. Every moment is a vivid picture of nature, from pristine islands to unique caves and gorgeous beaches. 

Simultaneously, you should savor the distinctive cuisine featuring fresh seafood dishes and enjoy the lively atmosphere of Hai Phong port’s nightlife. 

The Quang Ninh tour

From mysteric small islands to beautiful caves, each tour will be a new discovery experience, where you may witness unique rocks, inventive hidden islands, and legends mythology and folk culture with each journey of the Top 10 Best Vietnam Tours in Quang Ninh.

The Ninh Binh tour 

In Ninh Binh, you may cycle via little roads through green rice fields and explore scenic locations like Tam Coc – Bich Dong or Trang An, where you can experience the wonderful natural scenery. The Top 10 Best Vietnam Tours will also take you to Hoa Lu, the former capital of Dai Co Viet.

One of the Top 10 Best Vietnam Tours – A place to preserve priceless historical relics

The Ha Giang tour

Located in the northern region of the country, the Ha Giang Tour is a tourist journey as well as an adventure that leads you to the gorgeous land having the peak named Ma Pi Leng, which is famous as one of high rocky peaks in Vietnam. Ha Giang is well known for its challenging passes, massive waterfalls, and huge green rice fields. 

Ho Chi Minh city tour

Exploring the largest and most dynamic city in Vietnam, you will have the opportunity to see destinations such as the Independence Palace, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, or walk through lively crowded streets like Bui Vien while tasting diverse cuisine with traditional dishes such as Pho, vermicelli noodles, Huynh Hoa bread, etc. 

Enjoy many unique food in this city

The Hue tour – 10 best Vietnam tours

Top 10 Best Vietnam Tours provides visitors with nostalgic beauty from majestic buildings such as mansions and Thien Mu pagoda, to sacred temples, and gardens along Perfume River in Hue, the capital of the historic Nguyen Dynasty. The journey will take you to historical places such as Hue Imperial City, Cua Dai, and Tu Duc Tomb to help you better understand the country’s crucial historical period.

The tour does not only tell you about history, but also provides you opportunity to try attractive Hue cuisine such as Hue beef noodle soup, banh khoai, and many more traditional delicacies. Hue is not only a historical city, but it is also a place to enjoy the quiet and melancholic beauty of an ancient city.

The Hoi An tour

Hoi An Tour is one of the 10 Best Vietnam Tours that will take you through the ancient space and unique culture of Vietnam’s oldest city. Hoi An glows with exquisite old residences, antique bridges, and colorful lanterns on the banks of the Thu Bon River.

The Da Nang tour 

Da Nang City’s highlights include the Dragon Bridge, the Ba Na Hills, and My Khe Beach, one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The tour will take you to central places such as Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street, where you can try street food and shop for souvenirs. Da Nang is also the gateway for visiting historical sites such as the Marble Mountains, My Son Temple, and the old capital of Hoi An. 

Da Nang is also the gateway for you to explore historical places

The Da Lat tour

Da Lat is the last destination for the Top 10 Best Vietnam Tours of this article. You can experience the magnificent beauty of the Central Highlands mountains and forests, particularly Xuan Huong Lake and Tuyen Lam Lake, located calmly in the heart of the city. You can also experience Da Lat’s sophistication and romanticism by visiting sites such as Bao Dai Palace, Cao Dai Temple, and colorful floral gardens such as the Valley of Love. 

In this tour, you can explore the art of manufacturing coloured lights at Red Light artisan village, try the distinct flavor of Da Lat coffee, and participate in fun activities like lake boating or visiting clean vegetable farms. 

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