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Heritage Line The Jahan Cruise I 4 Days 3 Nights

Nature, Relaxation, Cultural, Cruises
4 Days - 3 Nights
Saigon - My Tho - Tan Phong Island - Binh Thanh Island - Tan Chau - Border crossing - Phnom Penh

Cai Be Princess Mekong Delta Cruise

Nature, Relaxation, Boat Tour
1 Day
Cai Be - Tan Phong - Phu An

Mekong Delta Discovery Premier Tour

Nature, Relaxation, Cultural
1 Day
Mekong Delta Discovery
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Explore the Top Mekong River Cruises & Tours of the most prominent year 2024

If you are looking for an exciting and memorable journey in the beautiful countries of Southeast Asia, here is a list of Top Mekong River Cruises & Tours 2024 that you should not miss. These cruises will bring you wonderful experiences on the Mekong River, from the natural landscapes to the unique culture of this region.

Cai Be Princess Mekong Delta Cruise

Experience the peace and grandeur of the Mekong River on the Cai Be Princess cruise. On this journey, you will explore the vibrant life along the river, savor local cuisine and enjoy the relaxing space on the luxurious cruise. This is a great opportunity to discover the unique culture and landscapes of the Mekong Delta.

Overview of the journey

“Cai Be” is what we call for unique paddle boats operating in the Mekong Delta. This is a great choice for those who want to focus on optimal privacy while still enjoying the peaceful scenery. Join us on a boat rowing journey along the river to explore the bustling floating markets filled with colorful fruits and fresh vegetables.

Let’s admire the rustic agricultural life of the people in the delta region, visit the workshops producing a variety of products from rice and coconut at home. Cai Be Princess is a great way to admire the landscape and life of the Mekong Delta – with style and comfort.

The tour includes 15 double rooms and twin rooms beautifully equipped and can accommodate up to 30 passengers. Each room has its own bathroom with a rain shower and hot water, wardrobe, air conditioning and fan. The rooms are well soundproofed and insulated, all with a great panoramic view of the river. There is a large dining room on the lower floor, a living room inside on the upper floor, an open sitting area, and a rooftop on the top.

With this tour, Mekong Horizon has developed a series of products, activities, and projects :

  • Minimize negative impacts on the economy, environment and society.
  • Create economic benefits for local residents, improve communities and working conditions.
  • Contribute to environmental conservation and cultural heritage preservation.
  • Provide interesting tourism experiences and opportunities for tourists to meet local people
Relaxing on a boat while traveling in the river and water area

Itinerary of the journey

Our team will welcome you on board with a cold towel and refreshing drinks while the Cai Be Princess sampan sets off for a gentle cruise towards Tan Phong Island.

From the unique observation point on the boat, you can observe daily life along the river – the constant movement of boats large and small, people working in the fields, and the beautiful landscape with all shades of green.

When you arrive at Tan Phong Island, take a short bike ride through the villages and fruit orchards, paying special attention to the red rambutans with their sweet and distinctive flesh.

Stop along the road to visit local industries where families produce everything from rice and rice cakes to coconut leaf thatched roofs and household items made from water hyacinth. From the island, travel by rowboat through narrow, peaceful canals, back to the Cai Be Princess boat where you will continue your journey to Phu An village.

Your journey ends at Le Longanier restaurant. Lunch is served at this classic villa, located in this area, surrounded by a lush tropical garden by the river, surrounded by fruit trees, giving you a sense of the lifestyle of the aristocracy in Indochina.

The high-end restaurants with a strong aristocratic style and food here make diners enchanted.

Heritage Line The Jahan Cruise I 4 Days 3 Nights

Plan for an unforgettable adventure on the Heritage Line The Jahan cruise, lasting 4 days 3 nights. Experience luxury and history on the Mekong River, explore unique cultural heritage and relax in the luxurious space of the cruise. This is an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty and meet the friendly locals of this land..

Overview of the journey

The Jahan Cruise, a “sister ship” of the famous Jayavarman cruise line, is another captivating story. The Heritage Line cruise team creates unforgettable 5-star journeys in the heart of the Mekong Delta.

Named after the 16th-century Indian emperor, The Jahan is a prominent new yacht with an elegant beauty reminiscent of the glory of classical Anglo-Indian art.

The Jahan Cruise combines the distinctive charm of romantic style and luxurious space from exquisite interiors & great works of art inspired by the heritage of India. The Jahan has become the signature style of the luxurious Mekong River cruise.

The Jahan is the most romantic cruise ship of the Heritage Line. The Jahan cruise ship is decorated in a British-Indian style. When tourists don’t want to relax in the beautiful and comfortable cabins, they can meet friends at the East India Club, immerse themselves in the rooftop pool or enjoy massage services at Apsara Spa.

A memorable 5-star journey with the beautiful cruise ship The Jahan

Itinerary of Journey

The itinerary of the journey through the prominent destinations of the Mekong Delta and the journey across the border to Phnom Penh is described briefly as below :

Day 1: Saigon – My Tho – Tan Phong Island

Starting from Saigon, the journey takes you to My Tho, the gateway to the Mekong Delta region, before continuing to Tan Phong Island where there are beautiful natural landscapes and unique cultural life.

Day 2: Tan Phong Island – Binh Thanh Island – Tan Chau

From Tan Phong Island, the journey continues to Binh Thanh Island, famous for its handicraft villages and then to Tan Chau which is a peaceful border town with vast rice fields.

Day 3: Tan Chau – Border crossing – Phnom Penh

The journey continues from Tan Chau, through the border crossing and to Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia where history, culture and unique architecture converge.

Day 4: Phnom Penh

Spend the whole day exploring Phnom Penh, from ancient temples, royal palaces, to museums preserving the historical imprint of this city and country.

Mekong Delta Discovery Premier Tour

Exploring the marvelous beauty of the Mekong Delta with the Mekong Delta Discovery Premier Tour. This journey will take you to floating villages, lush green rice fields and traditional floating markets. Enjoy the friendliness of the local people and taste the local specialties as you pass through peaceful canals and majestic rural landscapes.

Overview of the journey

A trip to Vietnam cannot be without visiting the Mekong Delta, also known as the “Nine Dragon River Delta” and the rice bowl of the country. This place offers stunning landscapes, rich traditions and authentic cuisine. With endless rice fields and peaceful rural roads, it is perfect for exploring by bicycle. Our enthusiastic tour guides are ready to help you explore the beauty of the Mekong Delta, introduce the beautiful floating markets, coconut gardens, rice fields, unique lifestyle and flavors of the South.

Through a beautiful journey on Trung Lương Boulevard and take a leisurely boat ride around Dragon Island, Unicorn Island, Phoenix Island and Turtle Island. Admire the stunning fruit orchards and savor delicious fresh fruits from friendly local farmers. Glide through the peaceful coconut water canals of Ben Tre province on a wooden boat, immerse yourself in the traditional rural life of the people in the Mekong Delta.

This tour gives you full enjoyment with peaceful nature, calm rivers and lakes.

Itinerary of journey

Far away from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City, you begin your journey to My Tho, a town located on the left bank of the Mekong River. Upon arrival, visit Vinh Trang Pagoda, a temple dating back to the 19th century..

Next, you will board a sampan boat and cruise on the river around four beautiful islands called Dragon Island, Unicorn Island, Phoenix Island, and Turtle Island. Stopping at Unicorn Island, you can stroll along the countryside road and visit the orchards, enjoy various tropical fruits, and listen to folk music performed by local people.

Visit the fruit tree garden, get on a sampan boat and paddle through Thoi Son canal to enjoy the beauty of the countryside, visit a family practicing their trade, visit a bee farm and taste honey tea and coconut candy. Then, have lunch at a local restaurant .

In the afternoon, you have time to cycle around Tan Thach village and meet local people to experience daily life in the Mekong Delta. For those who do not participate in the cycling trip, relax on a hammock and enjoy the cool breeze. Finally, return to Ho Chi Minh City. End of the trip.

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