Exciting 15-day package tour to 3 Indochina countries 


Signature Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos) – 15-day package tour offering a culturally diverse journey full with unforgettable experiences.  From the vibrant bustling cities to the mystical Ha Long Bay and reverence of Angkor Wat. This tour promises to provide 15 days of nonstop exploration and unforgettable experiences in three Indochina nations!

Introducing the 15-day tour exploring three Indochina countries. 

The package tour starts in Ho Chi Minh City and ends in Siem Reap! The Deep Cultural tour “Signature Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos) – 15 Days” is a 15-day travel package that includes Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, plus 13 other Asian destinations.

The Indochina Adventure: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos lasts 15 days and includes accommodation, flights, professional guides, cuisine, transportation, and more.

15-day package tour to explore 3 Indochina countries

Outstanding places in the journey to explore the 3 Indochina countries

We will start the package tour with some of Indochina’s most unique and stunning attractions. From the dynamism of Ho Chi Minh City to the historical identity of Angkor Wat, each destination represents an exciting phase of exploration.

Package tour includes magnificent cave system in Vietnam

Vietnam, known for its magnificent cave system, is an excellent destination for people seeking to uncover historical and natural mysteries. Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of caves that have been formed, restored, and maintained throughout Vietnam’s history, creating a special and amazing adventure of discovery.

The Mekong River

A comprehensive tour to the Mekong River, Asia’s seventh largest and most mysterious river, will provide you with limitless opportunities. Immerse yourself in riverfront life, and you will notice the balance between the culture and the natural beauty of the residential villages along the riverbank. From little communities to large metropolises, the Mekong River is the gateway to an exquisite area of Indochina.

The Mekong River – the source of Indochina countries’ culture and lifestyle

Ha Long Bay – The Pearl of the Far East

Unique and mysterious Ha Long Bay – “The Pearl of the Far East” – is one of Vietnam’s most beautiful natural areas. With thousands of specially sculpted limestone islands and stunning beaches, this is not only a World Natural Heritage site, but also an excellent place to immerse oneself in a unique natural beauty.

Package Tour with Destination Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang, a prosperous region in Laos, is a peaceful haven in the midst of time. Walking around the ancient town, you will witness beautiful Buddhist temples and typical architecture. 

Buddhist temples

During your package tour of Indochina, you will be able to enjoy the solemnity and sanctity of great Buddhist temples. These special architectural creations serve as both religious symbols and historical treasures, telling the cultural and spiritual stories of people throughout history.

Angkor Wat and the rock cliffs of Bayon

The package tour allows you to experience the mystique of Angkor Wat, the world’s largest temple, with stunning architecture and incredible art.  Next, visit the granite faces of Bayon, where majestic monuments have existed by time.

Exploring these historical locations will captivate you with the old stories and hidden beauty of Khmer culture.

Mystery at Angkor Wat

15-day package tour to explore Indochina with Vietnamtour247

During the 15-day package tour, visitors will have excellent and typical meals at prominent sites around the three Indochina countries. From the trademark flavors of street cuisine in Ho Chi Minh City to the exquisite eating on a cruise ship in Ha Long Bay, each meal is a true cultural experience and more.

We ensure that every move is convenient and comfortable. From domestic flights to boat adventures in nature, every transport  is meticulously prepared. A devoted and expert tour guide will always accompany you, offering the unique historical and cultural knowledge of each destination.

The tour does not only include visits to famous sights; we also organize exciting leisure activities such as kayaking on Ha Long Bay, visiting traditional ethnic villages, and even participating in local cultural festivals.

Vietnamtour247 takes pride in being your preferred travel partner. For additional information or to arrange a package tour, please visit our website or call our customer service hotline. We are dedicated to providing limitless travel experiences and exceptional service.

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