Air tickets

To have a satisfactory and cost-effective trip, you can’t overlook the step of booking cheap air tickets. Here are some experiences in booking air tickets that save both time and money, making your trip simpler and more perfect. Check out the article by Vietnamtour247 for details!

Experience buying cheap domestic air tickets

In Vietnam, there are currently 4 airlines operating domestic flights, including: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Jetstar Pacific, and Bamboo Airways. The airlines will have different flight schedules and route networks. This helps customers to flexibly choose a flight schedule that suits their needs.

Easy to buy cheap plane tickets with some small tips

Vietnam’s airlines are currently operating 48 domestic routes, with major airports including Ha Noi, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Lat. Alongside these are numerous international routes to countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, the Americas, and Africa. Each airline will have its own advantages and disadvantages, unique points regarding service quality, seating classes and various promotional programs,…

However, the common point is always aiming to bring customers safe flights with the best discounted ticket prices. Below Vietnamtour247 would like to provide some notes to make it easier for you when booking air tickets on your own.

Schedule specific flights

Good-priced flights usually have limited availability and sell out quickly. Therefore, to “hunt” for cheapest prices, you should have a specific flight schedule several months, even half a year in advance. The rule of the airline industry is the earlier you buy, the cheaper the price, so take advantage of this to get a good price !

If you plan to go to Phu Yen this year, now is the beginning of the year. So arrange your time and plan your trip around May or June to buy cheap tickets. Why hesitate to make a specific plan right away?

Choose the appropriate time to book tickets

Tip number 2 that many tourists often apply and succeed is to book tickets at special times such as :

  • Low season: In a year, different locations will have their own low season for tourism. During this time, airlines will stimulate tourism demand by offering cheaper prices. For example, summer is the peak tourist season in Da Nang, so ticket prices in the months of May, June, July, and August will be more expensive than in other months. If you want to buy cheap tickets, buy them during the low season when fewer people travel in the remaining months of the year.
  • Few people buy: air tickets to travel during the Tet holiday always increase compared to normal days due to high demand for travel and tourism. Similarly, weekends such as Friday, Saturday and Sunday always have higher prices than normal days. Therefore, the tip for buying cheap air tickets here is to avoid booking tickets on weekends and during the Tet holiday !
  • The time less people buy : You should be willing to stay up late from 12am-1am or set an early alarm from 3-4am to be able to own tickets at a good price. This is the cheapest time frame of the day, so just endure a little, you can save some money for your trip.

Don’t miss the Sale off programs of airlines

Regularly update prices and promotions through their own websites or pages of brands on social networks. All information about promotions will be officially announced on these media.

Regularly update information about promotional programs on the company’s website.

Note the golden time frame when airlines update information on their page, website and cheap price page are around 12-14h daily. If you do not want to miss any information, you can register your email to receive the earliest notification about promotional programs.

Note during the process of booking air tickets

After having outlined a clear flight schedule for yourself, the next step is to proceed with booking tickets. Prepare yourself with a ready spirit, a good computer and a strong internet connection.

Prepare ticket booking equipment

To make ticket booking operations fast, simple and accurate, make sure your computer is ready along with a stable internet connection. Airlines often launch sudden cheap ticket sales with limited quantities and in a short period of time. 

Not only you but also many others are ready to wait for tickets like you. Therefore, discounted tickets are selling very quickly. Please act quickly and use the best browsers to access. In case the website is overloaded, be patient to press F5 continuously instead of being discouraged !

Choose the most suitable flight time

When buying tickets, you also need to pay attention to the flight time to make it as convenient as possible for travel. If you are traveling alone, the choice of flight time can be more flexible. But if you are traveling with others, especially with elderly people, young children or limited time, choosing the flight time needs to be carefully considered.

Prepare payment method and complete booking information

Online payment methods, card payments have become very popular nowadays. To be ready for buying tickets, you need to prepare in advance the information of credit cards that support quick online payments. For example, like MasterCard, Visa cards or convenient Internet Banking services.

In addition, there is some personal information that needs to be declared when booking tickets such as: full name, phone number, email address… Or related information for ticket delivery such as home address, office address. Although this information can be corrected if entered incorrectly, you will still have to pay an additional fee. Therefore, make sure about the information before clicking the booking button !

Reveal tips to help you hunt for cheap international flight tickets

You completely apply all the experiences of buying cheap domestic airline tickets to hunt for international flights for yourself. Nowadays, with the development of the tourism industry, the aviation industry, you can easily go to Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Germany, the United States, Canada… Besides, pay attention to some following tip : 

Booking time

You should buy plane tickets as early as possible, the earlier you buy the cheaper the tickets will be. It’s best to have a plan to buy a few weeks to a few months before the departure date. Similarly for domestic flights, get good prices by booking tickets during the off-peak season. And another secret you can’t miss is that promotional deals often fall in September, October every year. This is the time for you to quickly grab good-priced international tickets.

Avoid peak seasons such as: summer, holidays, or back-to-school periods. If you still choose to fly during peak seasons, opt for budget airlines and try to buy tickets as early as possible.

Choose a suitable flight time

Although you want to find the best-priced tickets, don’t forget to consider the reasonable flight hours. Depending on your personal conditions such as cost, time budget, travel companions… you will need to make a reasonable choice of flight hours.

For a journey with elderly or young children, it is advisable to choose a flight time that is not too late or too early to avoid fatigue for everyone. Alternatively, you can opt for a night flight to have time to rest and save on accommodation costs at hotels..

Unlike domestic travel, international trips also have a time zone difference. This is a point you need to pay attention to when adjusting to the time in a new country.

Choose airport

Selecting an airport is also a key point to consider when booking air tickets. In major cities abroad, there are usually more than 1 airport. For example, in New York, there are up to 3 airports: Newark, JFK, LaGuardia. Or in the capital city London, you can choose to land at Gatwick, Stansted, or Heathrow.

Therefore, you will need to do some calculations to decide which airport landing will be the most convenient and cost-effective for travel.

Last- minute flight ticket buying tips

In some unavoidable cases, you may have to buy air tickets close to the departure time. Due to the urgency, pay attention to the following points to make the transaction quickly and avoid regrettable mistakes :

  • Prepare all necessary documents for the flight.
  • Before booking tickets, check all personal information again to avoid mistakes.
  • Book tickets directly by calling the airline hotline or through a trusted website/agency.
  • After having flight information, make sure that your luggage and documents are ready and have arranged airport transportation.

Where should I book air tickets?

Here are some small tips to help you more easily own the best-priced airline tickets. If you still find it difficult to book tickets, contact professional support units immediately. To be supported in booking airline tickets attentively and quickly, you can book tickets online on the website of Vietnamtour247.

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Here are some tips for hunting for cheap air tickets. Why hesitate to plan for trips in 2024? If you have any questions and need further assistance, contact Vietnamtour247 right away !