A useful guide for Thailand Cambodia Vietnam itinerary 10 days for backpackers

Thailand Cambodia Vietnam itinerary 10 days promises an incredible journey across these breathtaking Southeast Asian nations! With Vietnam Tour 247 our helpful guide plots the ideal path, emphasizing must-see locations and insider advice for a remarkable trip.

Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam itinerary for 10 days
Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam itinerary for 10 days

Brief Itinerary


Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Bangkok, Optional Activities Bangkok
Day 2 Transfer to Chiang Mai, Optional Activities Chiang Mai
Day 3 Transfer to Phuket, Optional Activities Phuket
Day 4 Visit the historical capital of Cambodia Phnom Penh
Day 5 Transfer to Siem Reap, Guided Tour Siem Reap
Day 6 Day Trip to Angkor Wat Siem Reap
Day 7 Transfer to Hanoi, City Tour Hanoi
Day 8 Transfer to Ha Long Bay, Overnight Cruise Ha Long Bay
Day 9 Morning Cruise, Transfer to Da Nang Da Nang
Day 10 Explore Hoi An ancient town  Hoi An 

Detailed Itinerary

Take a ten-day trip to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam to see the greatest trifecta of stunning Southeast Asian nations. You’ll explore elephant sanctuaries, peruse floating marketplaces, and go island hopping in Thailand. After that, you’re heading to Cambodia to witness the fabled Angkor Wat and the King of Cambodia’s Royal Residence. Once the journey in Vietnam is finished, take advantage of Hanoi’s street cuisine and an overnight cruise on Ha Long Bay.

Day 1: Arrive in Bangkok, Optional Activities

Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam itinerary for 10 days
Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam itinerary for 10 days

Greetings from Thailand! Since its establishment in the thirteenth century, this nation has had a lengthy and colorful history. First, you’ll land in Bangkok, the nation’s capital. Take a day to see this vibrant city, where you will be astounded by the exquisite beauty of Wat Arun and the majesty of the Grand Palace.

Be mesmerized by the floating markets as you make your way through the busy streets and indulge in the delicious aromas of street cuisine. Bangkok has a lively nightlife scene that comes alive after dusk with its humming night markets and rooftop bars.

Day 2: Transfer to Chiang Mai, Optional Activities

Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam itinerary for 10 days
Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam itinerary for 10 days

After breakfast, you’ll head to the airport to board a one-hour flight that will take you to Chiang Mai and the country’s mountainous north. This city is special since it served as the capital of the autonomous Kingdom of Lanna from 1296 until 1558. The Old City’s (historic core) numerous old walls, moats, and Buddhist temples are excellent examples of how much of its past has been maintained. In addition, there are several Buddhist temples, several mountain tribes, tea plantations, and elephant sanctuaries in the vicinity of Chiang Mai that are open to visitors.

Day 3: Transfer to Phuket, Optional Activities

Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam itinerary for 10 days
Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam itinerary for 10 days

Your Thailand Cambodia Vietnam itinerary 10 days gets off to an exciting start with a visit to Phuket, the colorful jewel of Thailand. This tropical haven offers a mosaic of experiences, with immaculate beaches like Patong, Karon, and Kata blending into green woods, and historic temples like Wat Chalong and Big Buddha coexisting peacefully with opulent contemporary resorts.

At Flying Hanuman, the island provides zip-lining adventures through the verdant rainforest for those seeking excitement. Additionally, don’t pass up the opportunity to see the magnificent sunset from Promthep Cape, a well-known viewpoint located at the island’s southernmost point. 

Phuket will undoubtedly captivate your senses and leave you yearning for more experiences ahead on your Thailand Cambodia Vietnam itinerary 10 days, whether you’re seeking leisure, adventure, or cultural discovery.

Day 4: Visit the historical capital of Cambodia

Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh

One of the most important changes on your exciting Thailand Cambodia Vietnam itinerary 10 days is the trip from Thailand to Cambodia. There are a few easy methods to cross this border and carry on with your adventure:

  • Take a domestic flight from Bangkok to Cambodia’s vibrant capital, Phnom Penh. This makes the transfer between the two nations quick and easy.
  • Travel overland via bus, tuk-tuk, and train across Aranyaprathet and the border between Thailand and Cambodia to arrive at Siem Reap. This provides a more immersive experience as you travel across various landscapes and get a glimpse of local life. 

Day 4 of your Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand vacation transports you to the fascinating city of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. The unique experience that Phnom Penh offers, combining the past and present, gives your Thailand Cambodia Vietnam itinerary 10 days more depth.

Don’t forget to take in the historical sites of Phnom Penh, including the National Museum, the Royal Palace, and the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. These encounters will provide you priceless background and expand your knowledge of the intriguing history of Cambodia.

Day 5: Transfer to Siem Reap, Guided Tour

Siem Reap
Siem Reap

Transferring to Siem Reap will happen after an early breakfast. Nestled in northwest Cambodia, this resort town serves as the primary departure point for trips to the world’s biggest religious monument, Angkor Wat, which dates back to the 12th century.

The Royal Residence, a royal mansion that serves as the King of Cambodia’s official residence when he visits the area, is one of the highlights. Preah Ang Chek Preah Ang Chorm, the town’s principal shrine, is also located within the royal courtyard. Residents gather here to offer prayers for good fortune in honor of two Angkorian princesses. Go next to Artisans D’Angkor, a place where rural Cambodians receive instruction in traditional Khmer handicrafts. Visit one of the vibrant open markets in the city to end the day and socialize with the locals.

Day 6: Day Trip to Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat

On a full-day trip, depart early to see the remains of Angkor Wat, a Khmer Empire empire that existed from the ninth to the fifteenth century. The biggest and most well-known temple at this historic archeological site is this one. You will get fully immersed in the ruins as you travel through its galleries, courtyards, pavilions, and libraries on this walking tour.

Proceed to the South Gate and Angkor Thom, which means “Great City” in Cambodian. Here are the remnants of the most magnificent royal city built during the Angkor era. It features 54 towers that are adorned with more than 200 smiling images of the Buddhist compassion god Avolokitesvara.

Ta Prohm, a Buddhist temple from the 12th century, is where the journey comes to a close. The surrounding forest has nearly engulfed the collapsing towers of the monastery. You’ll then head back to Siem Reap for a tour of the city by tuk-tuk. A Buddhist monk will conduct a blessing ritual to end your day and wish you wealth, happiness, and a safe journey.

Day 7: Transfer to Hanoi, City Tour


You’ll bid farewell to Cambodia in the morning and board an aircraft for the two-hour journey from Siem Reap to Hanoi. The capital of Vietnam has a rich and turbulent past that dates back to its original foundation in 200 BCE.

To begin with, you will go to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, which is the last resting place of “Uncle Ho,” the revolutionary leader. The One Pillar Pagoda, an 11th-century Buddhist temple with a lotus-flower pattern situated on a stone pillar rising out of a pond, is thought to be the most unusual pagoda in all of Asia. It is located next door. Proceed to the Tran Quoc Pagoda, which commands a view of West Lake. Among the oldest pagodas in Vietnam, it dates to the sixth century. 

Visit more city sights later on, such as the Temple of Literature and the Ethnology Museum. Visit the Jade Mountain Temple after wrapping off your trip through the Old Quarter of Hanoi and the serene waters of Hoan Kiem Lake. 

Day 8: Transfer to Ha Long Bay, Overnight Cruise

Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay

After a day of sightseeing in the capital of Vietnam, you will take a magnificent 3.5-hour drive north to Ha Long Bay, where the name “Ha Long” means “dragon landing.” 1,500 limestone islets rise above emerald seas in this breathtaking location. You’ll board a multilevel ship for an overnight trip around this UNESCO World Heritage Site as soon as you arrive at the marina.

Once you’ve got your cabin settled in, make your way to the restaurant for a delectable meal. After that, you may unwind on the sundeck for a few hours as the ship navigates the most quiet areas of the bay across green waters. After lunch, which is provided on board, you can swim and kayak to discover undiscovered caverns and beaches. We’ll have dinner in the evening.

Day 9: Morning Cruise, Transfer to Da Nang

Da Nang City
Da Nang City

Head out onto the terrace as soon as the sun rises to take in the breathtaking dawn over Ha Long Bay. After that, have a seat and enjoy your meal outside while watching the boat sail by soaring karst islands. The Ha Long Bay port will thereafter be your destination again. After that, you’ll make your way back to Hanoi and take a 1.5-hour flight to Da Nang, a beach city. 

Beautiful beaches like My Khe Beach, architectural marvels like Love Bridge and Dragon Bridge, and cultural treasures like the Museum of Cham Sculpture, Da Nang Cathedral, and Danang Fine Arts Museum can all be found in the enchanted coastal city of Da Nang, Central Vietnam. In addition, the lit Han River Bridge to the allure of the city, and the lively Cho Con and Han markets are great places to find regional specialties and handicrafts. 

Taste the delectable native cuisine of Da Nang when you come; some must-try items include fresh seafood, banh trang cuon thit heo (dry pancake rolls with pork), cha bo (Vietnamese beef bologna), and bun mam nem (fermented fish noodle soup).

With its stunning coastline, fascinating history, and cultural treasures, Da Nang is unquestionably a must-see on any Thailand Cambodia Vietnam itinerary 10 days. 

Day 10: Explore Hoi An ancient town

Hoi An
Hoi An

Your Thailand Cambodia Vietnam itinerary 10 days ends with a visit to the quaint town of Hoi An, which is a treasure trove of historical and cultural landmarks. 

It is advised that you spend your time discovering the genuine Thanh Ha Pottery Village, where you may observe the artistic abilities of local artisans. Don’t miss the opportunity to take in the charms of Hoi An Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site distinguished for its charming alleyways, lanterns, and well-preserved architecture. 

Savor some of the delicacies of Hoi An, such as banh mi, mi Quang, and banh bao banh vac (white rose dumplings), for a delightful culinary experience.

Notes to ensure safety and health when enjoying your Thailand Cambodia Vietnam itinerary 10 days

Prioritizing health and safety while creating a 10-day schedule that includes Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam is crucial for a trouble-free and pleasurable vacation. Here are a few thorough pointers:

Health precaution

Make sure you have all the required immunizations before you travel. You may travel with peace of mind if you have travel insurance that covers theft or loss, medical emergencies, and trip cancellations.

Pack a simple first aid pack that includes necessary prescriptions. Bring adequate prescription medicine for the duration of your vacation in addition to the prescription itself if you have any. Limit your use of ice until you are confident of its source, drink only bottled or purified water, stay away from tap water, and guarantee the safety of your food and water. Avoid street food until you are certain that it is hot and freshly prepared, and only eat at respectable restaurants.

Safe tips

To avoid any legal complications, familiarize oneself with the laws and traditions of the area. When you attend places of worship, dress appropriately and modestly. Keep the original copies of your passport and visa in a secure location and always carry a copy with you. Use trustworthy ride-hailing applications or taxi services when it comes to transportation. When riding a motorbike or scooter, use a helmet. You should also exercise caution when crossing the street, especially in crowded places like Bangkok, Phnom Penh, and Hanoi.

Select lodgings that are well-regarded and located in secure neighborhoods. Avoid going alone at night, especially in unknown places, for your own protection. In busy areas, use caution when handling your stuff to avoid being pickpocketed. Avoid agreements that look too good to be true and be cautious of con artists.

Specific regional tips

Respect the royal family and observe regional traditions in Thailand, such as taking off your shoes before entering houses or temples. Respect historical places like Angkor Wat and refrain from talking about politics, particularly those related to the Khmer Rouge era, unless locals bring up the subject. Be cautious when crossing highways in Vietnam because of the hectic traffic, and be kind when haggling in marketplaces, but pay attention to the seller’s final offer.

You can guarantee delightful and trouble-free travel through Thailand Cambodia Vietnam itinerary 10 days by adhering to these health and safety precautions. 

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Vietnam Tour 247
Vietnam Tour 247

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