When is the best time to explore Southern Vietnam with the South Vietnam Tours package?

Why Choose South Vietnam Tours?

South Vietnam Tours – This appealing tour package will allow visitors to explore the unique nature, people, and culture of Southern Vietnam. So, when should you plan to see interesting places and destinations during your trip to Southern Vietnam? Let’s explore it with Vietnamtour247.

When is the best time to experience Southern Vietnam?

Southern Vietnam combines dynamic towns, welcoming lands, and spectacular natural scenery with a rich history. This place will provide visitors with various unique experiences, such as amazing cuisine, romantic beaches, and learning about diverse cultures. 

Southern Vietnam – an ideal destination for visitors from around the world

So, what is the best time for tourists to book a tour to Southern Vietnam? Let us follow along:

Choose South Vietnam Tours During the Rainy Season

The rainy season in Southern Vietnam typically begins in June and lasts until November each year. If visitors desire to visit Southern Vietnam this season, the experience is pretty distinctive.

From June to August, there is heavy rain followed by floods. Nonetheless, nature favors this region by providing ideal circumstances for the cultivation of a wide variety of tropical fruits. Visitors will be able to tour and observe the bountiful fruit gardens while also enjoying several of the region’s traditional fruits.

The long flood season lasts from September to November, but it also coincides with the harvest of clean vegetables, shrimp and fish. As a result, if you want to enjoy the lively life of the river region, you can choose the South Vietnam Tours package right now.

Furthermore, if you decide to go to Southern Vietnam now, the cost of travel services would be lower. In addition, searching hotels, restaurants, and sightseeing packages is easier and more comfortable.

Choose South Vietnam Tours during the dry season

If visitors do not like the humid and wet climate, they can visit Southern Vietnam during the dry season instead. The dry season here normally begins around December and lasts until the end of April the following year. 

This is the best time to admire the beauty of the river region and the wide green rice fields. You can also visit floating markets during the colorful season in the Mekong Delta or cruise by boat on the river. Mekong is a fascinating and typical place.

Experience the life of the vibrant river region

Ideal places for the South Vietnam Tours 

If you are seeking for the ideal Southern Vietnam tour for you, please refer to the amazing South Vietnam Tours packages listed below at Vietnamtour247:

Journey to discover a charming land: the Southwest

The Southwest is a crucial attractive location on the route to discover Southern Vietnam. Because of the variety of tourism options available here, thousands of people choose to visit each year.

Visitors can explore extensive mangrove forests and wild bird gardens through ecotourism or enjoy bustling floating marketplaces through river tourism.

On the Southwest trip, visitors will encounter spectacular locations such as:

Explore a charming land – the Southwest
  • Come to Long An to visit the Hundred Pillar House, Phuoc Loc Tho ancient village, Dong Thap Muoi ecotourism area etc.
  • Explore the beauty of An Giang with diverse landscapes from rivers, mountains to mangrove forests.
  • Travel to Kien Giang where the majestic nature is famous for the pearl island of Phu Quoc, U Minh forest, Hon Chong, etc..
  • Ben Tre – the land of coconuts, with the beauty of nature and unique culture.
  • In Dong Thap, admire the lotus fields and vast cajuput forests while enjoying unique cuisine..
  • Visit and enjoy the diverse cultures of the three ethnic groups Kinh, Khmer, and Chinese in Soc Trang. 
  • Come to Ca Mau to enjoy the poetic space and unique beauty, explore U Minh Ha forest, Ca Mau Cape.
  • Tourists have the opportunity to explore Cai Rang floating market, Bang Lang stork garden, Ninh Kieu wharf,… in the Western capital – Can Tho.

Choose the South Vietnam Tours package to experience intriguing things in the Southeast

Traveling to the Southeast will allow visitors to visit amazing sites while exploring Southern Vietnam. This place is a magnificent blend of culture and natural beauty that leaves an indelible imprint on visitors’ hearts.

The Southeast region with many unique destinations

Visitors to the Southeast will stop by and experience the distinctive attractions of each place:

  • Vung Tau is well-known for maritime tourism due to its gorgeous beaches and several well-known tourist attractions, including the Christ King statue and the lighthouse, etc.
  • Tay Ninh is a unique cultural crossroads between Vietnam and Cambodia; visit Ba Den Mountain, Dau Tieng Lake, and the Long Dien Son tourism region, etc.
  • Discover Dong Nai’s highlights, including Nam Cat Tien National Park, Giang Dien Eco-tourism Area, Ghenh Bridge, and more.
  • Visitors to Ho Chi Minh City will see the Independence Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Opera House, and other attractions, as well as experience the city’s bustling life.
  • Attractive Binh Duong combines the most exciting entertainment locations with distinctive and appealing cuisine. 

Southern Vietnam offers a really unique and gratifying travel experience, with stunning landscapes, a rich history, and friendly locals. Book your South Vietnam Tours tour today with Vietnamtour247!

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