North Vietnam Tours – Which is the best season to travel to the North?


The Vietnam little S-shaped land has become a popular tourist attraction for many international visitors. Don’t miss out on these interesting Northern tours if you want to discover a diverse culture and landscape with four distinct seasons. Let’s look at several North Vietnam Tours with Vietnamtour247 that foreign visitors should try!

Northern climate – an interesting feature

Vietnam’s geography ranges from north to central to south, and there are picturesque sites everywhere. Visitors will be able to clearly sense the climate features of the humid tropical country when visiting the North during each season: Summers are hot and rainy, while winters are cold and dry. Furthermore, there are two transition seasons, spring and autumn, that last from late winter to late summer.

Northern Vietnam Tours Spring – The season of blooming peach blossoms

If you get the chance to visit Ha Giang, Son La, etc. during the warm spring season, you will experience the celebratory mood and the colorfulness of the flowers. In the autumn, you can see golden terraced fields and rows of trees in the romantic season of changing leaves if you visit Yen Bai, Hoa Binh, or Hanoi. Many visitors choose to spend the cold winters immersed in the silent space of clouds and mist of the high mountains. In the summer, visitors can go on tours to Quang Ninh, Ninh Binh, Hai Phong, and other places. 

North Vietnam Tours – Experience the splendor of four seasons 

Traveling to the North becomes a popular choice due to the variety of climates. The suggestions from Vietnamtour247 can help you decide where to go in the North and when to go.

North Vietnam Tours in spring

In the north, spring lasts from January to March. This is the time of year when the northern scenery and sky shine brightly. Thousands of flowers in brilliant colors cover the ground: ban flowers, plum blooms, and peach blossoms.

Visitors may experience a little rain and cool breeze left over from the winter. At the same time, you will enjoy viewing the bright colors of Hanoi Capital’s blooming peach blossoms, or the large peach forest along the East-Northwest highways. 

Spring in the North is not only the season of hundreds of flowering flowers, but it is also a time of pagoda visits at the start of the year. Vietnamese people have a traditional custom of going to the temples, pagodas at the start of the year to pray to Buddha for love, peace, and all the best. Many prominent pagodas, such as Yen Tu mountain, Bai Dinh pagoda, Tam Chuc pagoda and Huong pagoda, draw visitors from all over the regions.

You can learn more about Vietnamese traditions by attending festivals such as: Giong Phu Dong celebration (held from the 6th to the 12th lunar month), Co Loa festival (held from the 6th to the 16th lunar month), Hung Temple festival (held on the 10th lunar month), etc. 

North Vietnam Tours in summer

Summer in the north begins in April and lasts until June, with typical rains. Mid-summer temperatures are pretty high, and the weather is rather hot, making this a great time for east-northwest journeys.

Immerse yourself in nature with the Cao Bang package tour

Places not to miss:

  • Northwest provinces to visit: Son La, Lai Chau, and Hoa Binh. If the plains are hot and sunny, waterfalls and forests in the mountains will keep you cool and comfortable. Furthermore, package tours allow visitors to collect crabs, shrimp, fish… and process them, as well as taste indigenous people’s food. 
  • Northeast provinces to visit: If you want to enjoy the wildness and majesty of mountains and forest, you must visit the Ha Giang or Bac Can highlands. There are not only boundless mountains, but also flowing waterfalls, flawless lakes, and enormous pine forests, etc.

North Vietnam Tours in autumn

With its cool weather and golden sunshine, autumn is considered the most romantic season of the year. When it comes to North Vietnam Tours, romantic couples will think about Hanoi Autumn first. This is the best season for Hanoi visitors to see the trees at Hoan Kiem Lake changing color, visit the flower baskets on Phan Dinh Phung street, and eat excellent foods like egg coffee, pho, and bread. 

Returning to the Northwest, you’ll discover terraced fields in Sapa, Mu Cang Chai or pure buckwheat fields in Ha Giang, or clear, cool waterfalls in Ban Gioc, Cao Bang.

North Vietnam Tours in winter

The chilly winters in Northern Vietnam are severe, but they also add to the beauty of the region. Many visitors come to Sapa, Bac Kan, Lang Son to experience the wonderful fog, sea of clouds, and distinctive snowfalls which are only available in some specific Northern provinces in Vietnam. 

The chilly weather also makes it ideal for tourists to enjoy hot mountain meals and a cup of warm wine close to the stove.

Ha Giang package tour to explore the wildness and magnificence of the highlands

It appears that the cold causes people to slow down. As a result, the North in winter becomes an ideal destination for individuals seeking serenity and calm away from the hurry and bustle of modern life.

North Vietnam Tours – Experience the splendor of the North’s four seasons 

It’s difficult to decide which season is the most lovely in the North because visitors to this region can enjoy a complete and enjoyable trip regardless of the season. 

What you should consider before deciding to participate in the Northern Vietnam Tour is which month to visit a certain location in order to completely enjoy its beauty, climate, and cuisine features. Vietnamtour247 now is providing package tours, as well as North Vietnam Tours. If you have any questions or require support, please contact us right away!

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