Night market Vung Tau – Mecca for Fans of Seafood

Seafood is the finest option whether traveling, hiking, or visiting Vung Tau! Though you may be familiar with the night markets in Da Lat and the Old Quarter of Hanoi, nothing compares to the fresh and reasonably priced seafood found in the night market Vung Tau. Come with me as we explore Vietnam Tour 247, the night market Vung Tau that turns many visitors into “addicts”!

Where is Night Market Vung Tau?

In the city of Vung Tau, the Night Market Vung Tau is close to the intersection of Nguyen Bieu and Dao Duy Tu streets. Vung Tau Night Market, located along the Bai Sau beach area, is a bustling hub for locals and tourists looking to enjoy local street food, seafood, and various other goods. While specific information on the exact square footage of the market isn’t readily available, the market stretches along the beach road. This busy market is renowned for having a vibrant environment, especially at night. There are several different fresh seafood eateries in this bustling market. When you first visit the night market, take care not to confuse it with other fish markets. Despite being named the night market Vung Tau, it is open during the day as well. Diners may discover fresh fish and satisfy their gastronomic cravings at the market, which starts early from 3 pm and stays open until 1 am.

night market vung tau
night market vung tau

There is more to this market than trinkets and souvenirs. Vung Tau changes when the sun sets. The Night Market Vung Tau, also called the Night Market Vung Tau, is a bustling night market that is tucked away in Thang Tam Ward, just behind the Imperial Hotel. Finding it is simple; follow the enticing smell of seafood frying and the loud chatter of other food fans.

Why is the Night Market Vung Tau Unique?

This night market is different from others in the Vung Tau night market for a few reasons, including providing a special experience that extends beyond dining.

Large selection of food, busy area

The Vung Tau night market is referred to as a true “seafood kingdom” due to the abundance of seafood available to customers, some of which are quite uncommon and unique to this sea. Fresh seafood vendors will make you feel “dizzy”; the little market’s taste of the water is unbearable. The stores have a calm, orderly atmosphere with a wide variety of freshly prepared seafood, including shrimp, crab, fish, squid, oysters, mantis shrimp, scallops, snails, mussels, and more. They’re all really fresh. The night market  Vung Tau is the best option if you want simplicity. The seafood here is extremely excellent, the prices are reasonable, and the restaurant area is vast, clean, and lovely. Popularity here is reflected in the service provided by the workers, even though the stores are not as elegantly furnished as the premium restaurants.

night market vung tau
night market vung tau

You are drawn in by the lively ambiance and the alluring scent of smoky delicacies, which makes you eager to try the grilled scallops, steaming clams with lemongrass, and ringed squid right away, cooked mussels with lemongrass and chili, grilled oysters with cheese, onion fat,… Both local and foreign visitors are familiar with the night market Vung Tau; they visit it all night long and are unable to leave the cuisine. 

“After a busy day, you will get together with a few friends on windy evenings to sit by the grill, order a few glasses of Lai Rai beer, and enjoy the most relaxing moment until the shop closes.”

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Beyond the Sea’s Bounty of Vung Tau

Although seafood is the market’s main attraction, guests looking for a more varied gastronomic experience may get a fascinating look into the heart of Vietnamese cuisine. Imagine visiting the Vung Tau night market and ordering the signature dish, crispy bánh xèo (rice pancakes), along with a selection of flavor-bursting dipping sauces and fresh herbs. Or maybe the grilled pork with rice noodles, known as bún thịt nướng, at the Vung Tau night market tempts your taste buds with a symphony of flavors. For a completely well-rounded experience at the Vung Tau, don’t forget to indulge in some native delicacies, like chè (sweet soups) boiled with coconut milk and tropical fruits.

Give Yourself Over to the Feeling

nightlife in vung tau vietnam

The vibrancy of Night Market Vung Tau is infectious. At the Vung Tau night market, the rhythmic sizzle of items hitting hot pots produces a symphony of sound. The pleasant banter of residents and visitors exchanging tales over hot platters of food fills the air. The bustling ambiance at the Vung Tau night market is enhanced by the sound of glasses clinking as people toast to good company and tasty cuisine. At the night market Vung Tau, grab a plastic seat from one of the numerous vendors and enjoy your food while taking in the atmosphere. It’s normal to get attracted into discussions at the night market Vung Tau with pleasant stall owners who are excited to share their delicacies with you or other customers.

Budget-Friendly Feasts

The cost of the Vung Tau Night Market is a big plus. For a little portion of what you would pay at a restaurant in the Vung Tau night market, you may get a complete meal and beverages. This makes it an excellent option for tourists on a tight budget and a great way to see the Vung Tau night market, which is the center of the local food scene. The cost of a great and filling dinner at the night market Vung Tau might vary according to the kind and quantity of seafood you select, but generally speaking, it will cost less than $10 USD.

Must-Try Restaurants in Vung Tau Night Market

At the Vung Tau night market, a few stalls have gained recognition for their dependably great products, but the entire market provides a delightful gastronomic adventure:

night market vung tau
night market vung tau

Hang Uyen Seafood: A local favorite, Hang Uyen Fish offers a large assortment of fresh fish prepared to your specifications. Try their steamed fish with ginger and scallions, a traditional Vietnamese dish that lets the freshness of the fish speak for itself. At the night market in Vung Tau, a dish should cost around $4-6 USD.

Truong Thanh Seafood: Greetings to all fans of shellfish from Truong Thanh Seafood! Truong Thanh is a specialist in crab and lobster, and in the Vung Tau night market, they sell their dishes in a variety of preparation methods, such as stir-frying with black bean sauce or just steaming. At the night market in Vung Tau, there is something to suit every budget, with servings costing between $5 and $8 USD.

Kim Anh Seafood: Do you want to eat huge prawns? You only need to look at Kim Anh’s seafood at Kim Anh. These beauties are expertly grilled, and a selection of dipping sauces is provided to entice your palate. At the night market Vung Tau, they also provide various seafood selections like squid, scallops, and mussels, all of which are prepared to order and cost between $3 and $5 USD for each dish.

Memorabilia Stands close to Vung Tau Night Market

Although food is unquestionably the main attraction of the Vung Tau Night Market, a few vendors are selling regional handicrafts and trinkets close to the market’s perimeter. With pieces like hand-embroidered silk scarves, which are a lovely and delicate addition to any wardrobe, they provide a window into the artistic talent of the area. A great memento of the gems discovered in the neighboring waters, pearl jewelry made from locally produced pearls shimmers beneath the lights and is sold close to the night market Vung Tau. Vietnamese traditional landscape depicted on lacquerware, a vivid and colorful art form, makes for a distinctive reminder of your trip.

Imperial Plaza shopping area
Imperial Plaza shopping area

Go to the neighboring Imperial Plaza shopping area for a larger selection of souvenirs. After visiting the night market in Vung Tau, you may embrace Vietnamese flair and take a little bit of the country home with you by shopping here for a variety of clothes created from regional textiles. You may bring a bit of Vietnam’s beauty with you by purchasing paintings or photos that feature Vietnamese landscapes or cultural symbols. Other souvenirs that are ideal keepsakes to remember your vacation are keychains, magnets, and postcards with pictures of Vung Tau or Vietnam overall.

Uncover the distinctive keepsakes of Vung Tau! These reasonably priced, carefully crafted handicrafts range in price from 100,000 to 300,000 VND. These mementos, which highlight the rich coastal culture, include gorgeous stone sculptures and jewelry bands made from seashells.

What to expect while visiting the Vung Tau night market

Known as the seafood night market, Vung Tau Night Market is always bustling with people from the minute it opens until the stall lights are out.

For a fee ranging from around 50,000 to 200,000 VND, you are free to enjoy a variety of seafood dishes. There is no “price tag” here since there is intense competition, so feel free to enjoy without fear of getting cut off.

On both sides of the market road, seafood is offered in proximity to one another. The fish is tasty and fresh, and some food booths provide pre-marinated options for a more uniform spice.

night market vung tau
night market vung tau

Revealing to you that the basket will become softer from 10,000 VND to 15,000 VND as you go deeper than it is on the exterior. The greatest sites to find shellfish are those where they are still moving since this will guarantee that the seafood is fresh and affordable.

The pricing list is often displayed in front of the store. Please feel free to inquire if you don’t have but would want to know the price ahead of time so that you can easily haggle. It’s okay if you decide not to purchase it because these merchants are really amiable.

One attraction that visitors to this area should not miss is the night market Vung Tau. In addition to enjoying a wide variety of delectable cuisine, guests may purchase affordable, fresh fish.

It is said that you have not truly experienced the local food if you visit this well-known night market while in Vung Tau, therefore don’t miss this really fascinating location. What are you waiting for to experience Vung Tau food without visiting this night market?

Picture yourself sitting on a plastic stool with the smells of sizzling fish and spices permeating the warm Vietnamese night air. A food that has been prepared to perfection explodes in flavor when you bite into it. The dynamic mood is created by the cheerful chatting and clinking glasses as you look about. You may go to the Vung Tau Night Market and get this experience; Vietnam Tour 247 can be your guide. So forgo the mass-produced vacation packages and choose a customized trip with Vietnam Tour 247. Get in touch with us right now to begin planning your ideal trip to Vung Tau, and get ready to get engrossed in the lively atmosphere and mouthwatering cuisine of the night market!

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